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Another day in paradise

February 6, 2013

“Hello, how are you this morning?  I just wanted to drop off a couple delivery books.  My family runs here in Denver, if you ever get delivery, takeout, or catering, you can order your food online right on our site.  Just type in your address, see all the restaurants in the area, select where you want to order from and you are good to go”.  That must have been around the four hundredth time I had said that as we hopped from skyscraper to skyscraper, floor to floor, avoiding security guards at all costs.    It was 430pm and it sounded like I had laryngitis. My feet felt as though burning coals were placed beneath them.  A hot shower and  a hot green tea with honey was in order as I strolled into a Dazbog Coffee.  I have enjoyed marketing directly to all of these large businesses.  I ran into one office the other day and it reeked of weed, there was an open bar at the receptionist’s desk, and people were laughing hysterically…this was at 10am on a tuesday morning!  I don’t blame them, if I was trapped in an office everyday I would be doing the exact same thing.  Between walking about nine miles a day (walking office to office really adds up), and speaking nonstop from 8am-7pm everyday pays its toll.  My voice has taken a beating, and I had to take off a day of marketing last week to give it some rest.  What doesn’t help the cause  is that it will be 60 degrees and sunny, and two hours later there is a blizzard.  That’s the Mile high city for you, Denver is crazy!  Hard work always pays off, and I yearn for the day in which I don’t have to do such day to day tedious and mundane work. Building a brand is boring at times, but it keeps me busy and out of trouble.  Lately I pretty much have been just working on the websites, getting a good daily workout in, avoiding distractions, and taking on everyday with every bit of energy I can muster.    Right now this project seems like a never ending seventh grade history project, but there is no instant gratification in trying to reach the pinnacle of success.  One step at a time, one day at a time, and eventually, hopefully I will be able to see the view at the top of the highest peak.

Until next time…

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