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The art of storytelling

February 22, 2013

Since I was a youngster, I have always been fascinated by a great story.   When you are starting a business and trying to build a brand/product, storytelling is the best way to instill your company into a potential customer and their train of thought.  People are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages every day.  Some are subtle and in your face, and others are subliminal and in the background.  The human brain can only process so much information at a time, and in a given day.  As a whole, the human race constantly filters out the excess clutter of advertising that they don’t want to see and/or hear.  The best way to put yourself on a pedestal and stand out from the rest of the crowd is by telling a story.

When I am marketing to a potential customer that I have never met before I try to give them a quick pitch that depicts a short story in 30 seconds.  “If you ever aren’t in the mood to cook, and feel like ordering out for delivery or takeout, my family runs this website called  You can type in your address, see all the restaurants in the area, and order your food right online from our websites.  My brothers and I live in Denver and run the site together”.  A quick little elevator pitch that adds a little bit of personal touch.  The best advice I can give you is to be able to pitch your business/product in approximately 30 seconds.  Imagine that you hop on an elevator with somebody and you have five floors to sell them on what you are all about.  The whole family run and local approach adds trust to your brand.  When you combine portraying that you are trustworthy, and a face behind the name, you  will always be miles ahead your competition.    Become a storyteller, it will be well worth it!



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