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Killing two birds with one stone

March 9, 2013

The other night I was driving back from doing a food handout at an apartment complex. My throat was parched, which is the norm in Denver for me with the dry air out here and how much I have to project my voice everyday when I am out marketing.   Chapstick, moisturizer, and water are three constants that I always try to have handy.  I happened to be out of all three, as I pulled up to a stop light downtown.  Right in front of me was a 7eleven on my left, and a chase bank on my right.  There was a check in my wallet that needed to be deposited (just so happens that Chase is who I bank with) and I could grab a couple bottled waters, some chapstick, and moisturizer from 7eleven.

Its very rare that I enjoy the simple things in life, but this was one of those instances in which a smile crossed my face and I thought to myself, life is good.  There is nothing more gratifying than killing two birds with one stone.  This has been a saying that I have always lived by.  Being an entrepreneur requires multitasking many times throughout a day.  Whenever you are able to save any time due to a coincidence it is always a great feeling.  As I always say, timing is everything, and you have to take full advantage of any opportunity that lies ahead.  Hopefully there will be a few scenarios in the near future that allow me to kill two birds with one stone again!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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