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A clean slate awaits…

December 28, 2013

Another year is coming to a close, and I couldn’t be more excited heading into 2014.  2013 was a year filled with dedication, growth, maturation, passion, and turbulence.  I made a commitment to myself to ensure that all distractions would be avoided at all costs.  As I delve into my late twenties (27-29 years), time has become more important than ever.  Time has seemed to move at a much more rapid pace as the years have gone on.  This notion exists because people are supposed to experience a lot more as they accrue hours lived on this earth.   John Lennon said it best, “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”.  This can be looked at in a positive light from my perspective, as I would rather be engulfed in trying to create a life for myself, then allowing life to dictate a plan for me.

Lessons I learned in 2013

Intuition is more valuable than you can imagine-  If your instinct tells you something, more times than not its best to stick with that “gut feeling”.

Patience is not always a virtue-  Mistakes happen in life, and you have to take risks sometimes even if you know you might get something wrong.  As long as you learn from these life choices, they will help shape your future.  Timing is everything and its important to pull the trigger sometimes and not wait for things to just happen.

Risk is a necessity while you are young-  You really do have nothing to lose.  We started delivery services in our boulder and denver markets, and its proven to be a game changer.  Although its a completely different sector of our business, it was necessary to evolve with the times.

Don’t be afraid of change-  Time has to change your train of thought.  Refuse to get caught in the ebbs and flows of the same habits and routines.  Adaptation is the key to consistent success, no matter what field you are in.

Exercising your body and mind is a necessity every single day to optimize your health and progression in life.  One hour of physical exercise, and one hour of reading an actual book/novel (not internet articles or magazine clippings) will do the trick.

Reflecting is productive, reflecting too much is detrimental.  If you want to look back at the past, make sure you are thinking back for a purpose.  Don’t get lost in the what ifs or what could have beens.  Hone in on how can I get better from the past, and what is next?

Balance is a must no matter who you are or what you do-  I made it a priority during the past year to focus all of my energy on my business. Although it helped me thrive in that aspect, the other parts of my life took its tool.  Just like working out your body and mind is important, ensuring that you have a healthy balance in your day to day life priorities is just as vital.

The biggest improvements I have to make heading into 2014 is  my personal organization, and overall balance.  This has always been my biggest weakness, and I have to realize that not creating a mess in the first place is a lot less time consuming and enduring then cleaning up a mess.  I must also realize that I can’t spend my entire day and night obsessing over my business, and learn to smell the roses a bit more.  Life does happen when I am making other plans and enjoying the rest of my 20s has to be one of the priorities on my list.

What’s great is that as I have discussed in prior posts, we all start off with a clean slate heading into the new year.  Go do you and have a dominant 2014!



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