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Its been awhile…

September 9, 2014

John Lennon said it best: “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”.  I turned 28 years old a few weeks ago, and “age is just a number” is a mantra I fully support.  In saying that,  something struck a chord on July 28th (my birthday).   The last few years my business has consumed my daily life, and it seems like things really were passing me by at lightning speed.  Stopping and smelling the roses once in awhile isn’t a saying I have ever liked abiding by.   My brothers, Corey, and I took a great hike on my birthday.  On the few hour trek it gave me a lot of time to reflect on the past, and contemplate the future.  Birthdays seem to have a way of making me nostalgic and deep in thought.   Whether it was the thin air from being up in the mountains, or realizing I wasn’t getting any younger, I made a pledge to myself.  Heading forward I would have a yes man mentality.  Too many opportunities were squandered over the last few years of my life, as I used my business as a clutch for missing out on a lot of potential great experiences.  So when a couple childhood buddies were pushing me to go on an abroad vacation, instead of coming up with an excuse, I said fuck it, lets do this.   Two days later I was on a flight to Split, Croatia, and ended up having twelve of the best days of my life in Croatia and Prague.  That trip will be a gateway to me taking a much more open minded approach on getting out of my comfort zone.   Heading forward I have promised myself to take at least one vacation every six months.  Before my trip I was on the verge of burning out.   Waking up feeling lethargic and on edge, it was obvious that I was in desperate need of a break from my day to day grind.  Now I am rejuvenated and have new inspiration from my experience abroad.  When I got back to the states, I went to LA to meet up with a few great friends.   They all inspire me to be better, and its always exciting to be around likeminded individuals that you can confide in, and learn a lot from.  As you get older, its easier to appreciate great friendships because they are hard to come by.

As chaotic as running a business on the day to day is at times, ironically it has almost become a bubble/clutch for me.  A lifestyle business is a good term, and I get into such a routine that it becomes tough to crack out of sometimes.    Cracking out of my normal routine over the past couple months has been enlightening.  Reason being, it has actually aided in providing valuable insight regarding  potential consumers for my company.  What can I do to get John Doe to stop walking across the street to grab a pizza, or driving a couple miles to the drive thru?  Wouldn’t John prefer to just order food for delivery?  Or does John like getting out of the office once in awhile?  What can I do to capture his business if he always eats out?   If you are able to crack into somebody’s day to day routine, its an invaluable trait that can be carried on for the rest of your life.

To sum everything up, business is great, my mindset is on point, and I am very pumped up for what lies ahead!


Thats all “for now” folks

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  1. Its been awhile...

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