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Raking in the leaves

October 13, 2014

Fall used to be my favorite season of the year.  As a kid, halloween was more exciting then finding out school was canceled because of a snow day.  Leaves turning colors and then falling off trees.  My brothers and I used to make giant piles of raked up leaves and jump in them for hours on end.  Then hot chocolate would be waiting for us, compliments of mom.  That scent in the air of chopped wood being burned for the first time in fireplaces around our neighborhood is an aroma I will always yearn for.


This weekend it really felt like fall has finally arrived in Denver.  Before I moved out here a few years ago I held the misconception that Denver was an iceberg 24/7/365.  In stark contrast its actually really nice from may-october.  Even in november-april there are sporadic 70 degree sunny days.  In saying that, there are also the blizzard like conditions that pop out of nowhere.  It cracks me up whenever I speak to somebody that lives in a warm climate all year.  They say to me, “Mike I wish I had four seasons, 75 and sunny gets boring after awhile.”   I will take that weather any day!  The irony in it is that my business thrives in shitty weather.  Rain, snow, and/or cold leads to a lot more of our customers ordering food for delivery.  In saying that, on the other end of the spectrum I thoroughly enjoy a nice 75 degree and sunny day as much as the next guy/girl.  I am hoping to be able to start spending the winter months outside of denver in a couple years.  I choose beach over the ski mountain any day of the week!   I never really got a thrill of getting dressed up in winter gear to go freeze my ass off for hours on end up on a mountain.  To each their own…

I have been in a good workout routine and have been eating relatively healthy.  The occasional couple slices of pizza are thrown in for good measure once in awhile, and of course that late night scoop of ice cream…but a guy’s gotta treat himself, right?

Business has been great, but my social life has been somewhat nonexistent lately.  That abroad trip was great over the summer, and I have gone out in Denver a couple times since then.  However, its been a 7 day grind out here and the nights that I have the least on my plate are usually mondays and tuesdays.  When most people are out on the weekends Im helping out with dispatch and deliveries.  The catch-22 of life… I go out of my way to do my best to keep in touch with family and friends, but I still have a way to go to get out of that tunnel vision mindset.

I am at that age where facebook is just flooded with pictures of friends getting engaged, married, on honeymoons, and having kids.  Kudos to them…I am still trying to figure out how to take care of myself!

I am doing my best to…

cut out all sweets (that sweet tooth is tough to fight)

be asleep by 1am (insomnia strikes again)

be awake by 7am (this is easy because I constantly feel like Edward Norton in Fight Club)

be in that yes man mentality within reason

be open to going on blind dates with girls in denver (no keepers thus far)

To sum it up I still am young, am somewhat naive in the grand scheme of things, and have a long way to go, and a lot to learn.

Another week is in the books…thats why they call it the weekend.


Until next time…thats all folks!

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