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Avocado is the new cool

October 7, 2016

This morning I was out for breakfast and ordered Avocado Toast.  Ten years ago if you were to tell me that would be my breakfast order, I would ask you what an avocado even looked like!  Have you noticed the waive of momentum that Avocados has gained lately?  They are doing really well for themselves.  Eggs are having an affair with avocados now on toast and in sandwiches that is looking like it could be everlasting.  Have you ever tried avocado on a sandwich instead of mayo? Tastes very similar, without all the bad fat!  Lets just say there is a reason they call it a Superfood.  Avocado reminds me of that kid in high school that was friends with every group of kids you can imagine.  Whether hanging out with eel in a hand roll, chilling with an egg on a piece of wholewheat toast, or mixed in a salad or some guacamole, Avocados can’t seem to do any wrong lately.  You know when you are available as an add on for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in any cuisine from american, to asian, to mexican, things are running smoothly.  What has really puzzled me lately is where this sudden burst came from?  Out of nowhere in the past couple years the green goodness has been getting more face time than all A-list celebrities combined.   You want to make a smoothie?  Use an avocado!  How about a cocktail? Avocados come to the rescue!  Fast food chains are even utilizing the fruit these days!  Yes I said it, avocados aren’t vegetables.  They should rename it the chameleon. Is this just a trend or will the Avocado be here to stay?  I don’t see many fruits or vegetables for that matter dismantling the oval shaped green fruit.  Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower are gaining a bit of steam, but I think it is safe to say the Avocado is a bigger deal than Uber these days.

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