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Back in action

October 7, 2016

I stopped writing on here a couple years ago and figured it was time to get back in action.  A lot has happened since we last touched base, and I am now older, and hopefully at least a tad bit wiser.  Last week I made the roadtrip from Flagstaff, Arizona to Venice, California.  I am testing the waters out here in California for awhile to see if I can see myself here for the foreseeable future.  I was going to say longterm, but we are in 2016, and its nearly impossible for me to intertwine the two.  There is a reason why Airbnb and Uber have gained global popularity so quickly.  People are constantly on the go, need instant gratification, and most importantly want the freedom to be able to control their time.

Time is the most valuable asset we all have.  As I have racked up more days on planet earth it has made me come to appreciate the fact that we really are all on an even playing field.  Being an entrepreneur engulfed in a hyper competitive industry has forced me into a pattern of wanting to thwart competition.  Isn’t that what survival of the fittest is all about?  However, when push comes to shove, we are all in the same boat here.  Life is a giant distraction and nobody is going to remember you for how much money you made.  They are going to remember what kind of impact you had on others.  That is the catch-22 that I deal with on a daily basis, and part of the irony in life.  How can you be at the top of a food chain in a business and still not be looked at by some as an asshole?  Well that is completely impossible, it just took me awhile to realize it.  You can’t please everybody at all times, all you can do is try your best to be a decent human being and as civil as possible.

I am in a good place with my business right now, as well as my health.  Along with a great supporting cast of loving family and friends I should be able to find a lot more peace on the day to day.  However, that is part of why the title of my blog is called “The Fear of Complacency”.  I am always fearing not doing enough in life.  At the end of the day though if you aren’t able to bask in your success than what the fuck is the point of it all?  Everything is all about a balancing act is what I keep telling myself, but my brain just doesn’t work that way.  All in or nothing has been my mantra for as long as I can remember. Whether it was a subject in class, a girl that I wanted to pursue, a new startup idea, I am not one to dip my toe in to feel the temperature.  Either keep me out of sight of the water or just let me loose.

I don’t know what triggered me to get back on the saddle and start writing on here again, maybe it is the LA air.  My mind is at ease when my fingers are on the keyboard, as it helps fill an empty void.  Expect to see me back here pretty frequently, as this little warm up today feels good.   I will delve into what I have been up to lately in some upcoming posts, but for now go enjoy the weekend and the idle time that comes with it!

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