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Pass the Brussels Sprouts please?

October 9, 2016

Growing up did you ever think you would utter the words “Pass the Brussels Sprouts please?” I can proudly say that not only did I just order a pizza with Brussels sprouts as a topping for dinner tonight, but also chose the trendy vegetable as an appetizer the other night while out for dinner.  Brussels Sprouts are sitting at the cool kids table along with Avocado, and Cauliflower all of a sudden.  While crunching down a bacon riddled brussels sprout appetizer last week, I began to wonder what led to this recent craze?  Yes it is quite ironic that one would eat bacon with brussels sprouts.  Hey I got my vegetables in one way or another, and they are a lot more tolerable when drenched in artery clogging fat.

Now that the corny food humor is out of the way lets get down to the brass tax.  For starters, lets breakdown the health benefit of the Brussels Sprouts.  Did you know? Sprouts contain high levels of vitamins A and C, folic acid and fiber and can help protect against colon and stomach cancer.  When cooking you have to be careful to not overcook or else they will smell like rotten eggs!  However, if grilled, roasted or sauteed the right way the Brussel Sprout can be the highlight of the appetizers at any restaurant in the land!

After years of constant demand it is clear that Brussels Sprouts are way more than a fad, and have eclipsed a trend.  We might be heading toward Spinach territory here in which you are going to see Popeye have a son named B Sprouts.  Once a vegetable has a cartoon character revolving around it you know you have made it into the vegetable hall of fame.  Bugs Bunny and Carrots, Popeye with Spinach.  Maybe we will see a super hero comic come out with those little green balls being the centerpiece.  This superfood isn’t going anywhere except on chefs menus and in consumers mouths.


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