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October 9, 2016

I approach almost everyday the same.  What day of the week it is rarely matters to me.  That is one of the perks that comes with entrepreneurship.   Obviously there are set days and times for conference calls, and meetings in regards to business.  On the personal end of the spectrum in order to be a social member of society it is also important to revolve my schedule around when friends and family are available.   This morning I went to grab a coffee at a place that I have ventured to everyday for the past week.  On all other days there was no line and I was in and out of there within five minutes.  To my dismay there were about three dozen people lined up around the block.  I decided to keep walking and found a smaller coffee shop that had nobody there.  Less than a minute later I was walking back to my apartment past the line of people with a black coffee.

For the first twenty eight plus years of my life I never touched coffee.  Than I met a girl who was obsessed with coffee, and I happened to like this girl.  We then bonded over coffee, dated for a little while, broke it off, but my coffee habit continued.  Being a very energetic person as is, there are some days in which I don’t even need it.  However, it has become a great compliment to my morning workout ritual, and definitely gives me a nice boost.  Once in awhile I will treat myself to a Latte, but only on Sundays.  So when thinking about it, another reason why the day of the week matters is to know when to treat myself to a Latte, and when to avoid the coffeeshop with long lines.

As I down the last of my 16 oz bitter hot liquid caffeine I mull over what to do with the rest of my day and night.  Why is there that constant pressure to always be doing something?  Finding contentment in doing absolutely nothing is really how I should spend my day.


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