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Food Delivery and Sundays are a match made in heaven

October 11, 2016

We all are supposed to have at least one day of rest every week.  Whether its a workout routine, taking a break from a diet, or getting off from work, its common practice for people to take  “me” time on a consistent basis.   This usually falls at the end of the weekend on the ever so coveted Sunday.  While growing up, Sundays were a very crazy phenomenon for me.  On one end I have always been an avid NFL fan, and look forward to Sundays for the same reason as Millions of Americans.  An entire day when my ass cheeks have a date with the couch?  You are reading a blog called the fear of complacency for a reason.  Normally you will be hard pressed to find me on the couch, let alone sitting down at all.  However when it comes to Sundays, an aura of happiness hits the air.  Sundays during the spring and summer are fun for being outside and enjoying the weather.  However, once the leaves turn colors and much of the country starts loading on their outer layers, that is when paradise really begins.

Yesterday I ordered a pizza for delivery along with some wings, and while waiting for the delivery while tracking my food in real time through an app, I thought to myself, life is good.  When in history would we have the luxury to just hang out on a cushion and press a button that automatically makes a pizza appear 45 minutes later?  Never!  The food delivery aspect of Sundays really put it over the edge as my favorite day of the week(end).  As a kid I would have a love hate relationships with Sunday.  I had early morning ice hockey games which was a positive.  Unfortunately right after hockey I was raced over to Temple to deal with the most dull two hours of my week.  Sunday school was absolute torture for a kid that had zero interest in religion and cared more about the lox and bagels that were promised to me shortly after class ended.  Many times thanks to my dad I would finagle my way out of even being at Sunday school.  Many times it revolved around going to New York Giants games, hockey scheduling conflicts, or just because my dad wasn’t religious and got a kick out of helping my brothers and I play hooky.  Lets just say my mom didn’t find this very amusing, but it was clear that I wasn’t going to be a Rabbi.

Once NFL games would wind down for the day the anxiety would start to build up within me.  Five days straight of mindless boredom stood in my way until the next two day break, and there was nothing I could do about it.  As I have grown older I have come to completely appreciate Sundays.  I embrace the relaxation notion of ending the week on a high note.  What is happening on Monday doesn’t matter.  All I care about is how far out the delivery driver is with that pizza and if I am going to follow up with a chinese food delivery just to really put a fork in the day!



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