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Eat Chocolate Everyday

October 14, 2016

Studies have shown that babies come out of the womb craving sugar.  That is if their mothers had a sweet tooth during the pregnancy.  So mom I guess I can call you a hypocrite then telling me to stop eating all those sweets as a kid?  Growing up Chocolate was one of those “special occasion” treats.  I completely understand from parents vantage point that their kids have enough natural energy.  Add sugar to the mix and you have an energy ball that is out of control.   So there reached a point in which I was convinced that since Chocolate was used as a reward that it must not have been good for you.  This was usually thrown into the same category as how often my brothers and I would get a special treat and get McDonalds drive thru.  Isn’t this backward thinking?  Not for a bunch of kids who thought fast food junk food was the most awesome thing in the world!  Remember those TV dinners with the brownies, and the lunchables that had enough sodium to kill a rat?  Yeah those were other special treats of ours.  I think Hungryman was one of my idols from the age of 10-14.  My parents did all they could to ensure I ate healthy, and come high school I actually began eating much healthier.  However it wasn’t up until a few years ago that I delved back into being a chocolate lover.  To this day its beyond obvious that Hungryman, Lunchables, and Mcdonalds fast food is awful for you.  Although I give Mcdonald’s credit for beginning to attack the healthy movement.  With all that said, chocolate never deserved to be in the same category as any of those unhealthy brands.  Chocolate gets a bad rap too often when quite frankly in moderation it could be one of the healthiest foods known to humankind.

Taste buds are supposed to change every seven years, and one day out of nowhere I began enjoying bittersweet dark chocolate.  The kind that has 90% cocoa content.  For some reason it made me feel good and turned into a daily ritual.  These days you will be hard pressed to find my freezer without a few dark chocolate bars stocked up.  Eat Chocolate Everyday, yep I said it.  I am not telling you to down a Twix or Three Musketeers Bar.  However in moderation chocolate has proven to provide numerous benefits.  I have always been a major fan of chocolate.  Then again do you know many people out there who hate on chocolate?   If you eat chocolate on the regular you can not only lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, but also lower your risk of heart disease.  How often can you eat something as delicious as chocolate and have it reap so many benefits.  To add another layer to the awesomeness is that chocolate has been shown to elevate moods.   If you want to really do it right then go with Dark chocolate which contains properties that reduce inflammatory as well as cardiovascular risk.   For those of you who love basking in the sun, chocolate can also help with skin damage.  Although I highly recommend still dousing yourself in sun tan lotion.  Better to be safe than sorry, treat your body like a temple and eat chocolate everyday!  Just keep in mind that the darker and higher cocoa percentage chocolates are the healthiest.  Your dentist and doctor for is going to be ringing my phone off the hook if you take this too literally.  Like anything, everything is a balance, including a healthy chocolate intake.



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