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What do you crave?

October 15, 2016

Right now I am craving a thin crust pizza with mushrooms and jalapenos.  Last night it seemed like Sushi was calling my name.  On most days and nights of the week don’t be shocked if you find me at a local dumpling house.  There is nothing like a hunger craving when you know you are about to eat something you have been yearning for all day.  That first bite into a perfectly cooked pizza.  When its crunchy but not burnt, and the cheese is melted to perfection without any excess grease.  As for my dumpling preference? Throw them all at me in every which direction!  I try to keep it healthy and avoid fried, but once in awhile I’ll treat myself.  Chinese delivery is my go to on Sundays and sometimes Ill order three separate orders of shrimp and vegetable dumplings.  My favorite day of the year is Christmas because I know I am heading for a dim sum food coma.

As I eagerly await a buddy to pick me up to grab dinner my stomach begins to growl.  What is on the menu tonight?  Time will tell, but I am craving some dominant Mexican food right about now.  What leads to a craving?  More times than not its just a food that you really enjoy.  However, Steak is one food that if you are craving might mean you are lacking iron and should go to town on a new york strip, porterhouse, or a ribeye.  Just don’t get in the habit of eating steak any day, as that can’t be healthy for anybody.  Everybody has a wide variety of food cravings, and there is nothing better than the anticipation of a great meal.  On that note I am off to feast!

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