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LA or San Francisco?

October 20, 2016

After returning from an hour and a half of sweating in multiple saunas and steam rooms, and engulfing way too much Kimchee fried rice, I grabbed an Uber with my brother and our buddy Nick back to my airbnb in Venice.  Its been fun having them around the last couple days.  On Friday I will be back to being on my own trying to commit to figuring out where the hell I want to establish my base.  There are parts of LA that I thoroughly enjoy.  The nice weather, the upbeat energy, beautiful women, amazing food. Inspiration is always in the air and I feel it hovering over me whenever I am out and about.  These are alot of desirable qualities for me.  On the flip side everything is so spread out.  I want to live by the beach in Santa Monica, but everybody I know lives in the Hollywood area or up in the hills.

The sense of community is tough to grasp out here.  I get the vibe that everybody is in the process of some kind of self discovery all the while aspiring to do something great in their own eyes.  At the end of the day we all live in our own realities, and what is very important to me most likely isn’t going to mean one iota to you.  The freedom that comes with me having an unconventional lifestyle as an entrepreneur also leads to too much isolation.  My friends that live around the LA area are all so caught up in their own lives.  So I am at a crossroads in regards to what I am looking for.  Do I just get a base out here and build a life?  Or do I move to a place where I know a lot more close friends that won’t be spread out.  My family business is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado so I think its only logical for me to be based on the west coast.  I lived in Colorado for a few years, and as much as I love being there for parts of the year, it was tough for me to have much of a social life out there.  I have narrowed down my decision to either Los Angeles or San Francisco to be for half of the year.  I figure the other half of the year will be spent rotating between Boulder and our expansion markets in which I will want to hop around as we continue to tap into new landscapes.

I have been staying balanced through daily workouts, writing, and all this Vitamin D from the California sun definitely helps too.  At some point soon though I am going to have to stop living this nomadic lifestyle and get a base here in LA or up in San Francisco.  Nothing is permanent and its time for me to stop delaying and just pull the trigger already.

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