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About The Fear of Complacency

The Fear of Complacency is a blog that covers any topic that you have interest in.  This is an open forum meant for the college student, recent college graduate, or even a regular adult to discuss different trends in the media, current events, sports, and anything else that you are interested in.  I hope this helps form a network between many people with similar interests and/or opinions on many different ranges of issues.  The more we brainstorm, the more we learn.

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  1. March 4, 2009 1:12 am

    Mikey Rolles!!!! I love what you are doing. Pete and your blogs are really cool. I have been doing a lot of blog reading lately and it is a lot better and more efficient to find so many diff articles to learn so much that you would never learn from any other site. digg, consumerist, techcrunch… all cool blogs as well. Anyway, as I told you when I saw you I have started I was wondering if maybe you can do a little review or write up if you’d like at your convenience. You can mention how a recent college grad has lost his job in the economy and is starting his own website to deal with the tough times – whatever you want. I have the press release below so you can get a better understand. best of luck to you and well keep in touch.
    As the world looks on in awe at the new day among us, a new era has begun in America. The folks at are well aware of the fascination with President Barack Obama and his every move. provides the public with insight into exactly what President Obama is doing day-to-day.

    The TrailObama staff selects the most relevant, unbiased content to showcase action items that the President is acting upon. Interestingly enough, the TrailObama team is comprised of both democrats and republicans in a bi-partisan effort to show the people that you can indeed come across the aisle to achieve a common goal. “Our goal is to get down to the meat and potatoes – to sift through the most relevant eye catching action items of President Obama so that the user can decide whether or not Barack Obama is doing a good job” says TrailObama content manager Bryan Bloom. The site was created when the TrailObama team noticed that when trying to keep up with current Presidential happenings, they couldn’t easily find what’s been checked off the President’s to-do list. Just like twitter invites you to answer the burning question, “What are you doing?”, TrailObama invites you to find the answers to one simple question: What is President Obama doing? TrailObama gives you the uncanny ability to cut through opinions and hearsay and get straight to the facts so you can formulate your own opinions about his actions.

    Currently, the site allows you to get a daily serving of the President’s tasks at hand, vote on weekly polls regarding the presidency, peruse news pertaining to President Obama from a variety of sources, scroll over a visual timeline of President Obama’s first 100 days in office, and discuss each news item with other visitors. The team is expected to roll out a slew of new features and content over the next weeks, months, and years, including stock charts to see how the economy and each specific market has fared since Obama took office on January 20th, 2009.

    For more information regarding, please contact

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