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I see the light at the end of the….

August 24, 2011

This past weekend I went to Vegas with my brother and friends of ours that we met on our birthright trip in Israel.  Nine of us split a two bedroom suite at Palms Place and we had a blast.  Relaxing by and in the pool, a couple fun nights at the clubs, a bit of gambling here and there, were the exact ingredients I needed before beginning the long stretch heading into the launch of milehighmenus.

After two consecutive days meeting with restaurant owners throughout the day I am proud to say that I have made a ton of progress. Today I signed up our first two chinese restaurants, and had a lot of productive meetings with other clients as well.  My goal is for us to have at least 30-40 restaurants signed up before we launch in 3-4 weeks.  Between my brother and I this should be an easy goal to attain.  Nostalgia has crept up a bit lately as I keep having flash backs to when I first started going into restaurants as a nervous, ripe, naive eighteen year old who was trying to find his way.  After seven years I am in a completely different mindset, but reflecting back is fun sometimes and it also helps you learn from mistakes to avoid allowing history to repeat itself in a negative light.  The excitement that I have felt over the past week has gotten my creative juices flowing, and the future is looking bright.  I have to just continue to take one step at a time and stay focused on the task at hand.  My theme of the year is no distractions, and so far I am off to a good start.

The last two days my schedule has gone as follows: wake up 7am, gym 730-845, shower/breakfast 845-915, catch up on local and world news/events and check emails 915-10  Restaurant meetings from 10-5 (with a lunch break around 1).  Come back and shower (because its been 100 degrees and sunny, they weren’t kidding about the 300 days of sun here…I don’t think I have seen a cloud in the sky since I arrived a week ago).  Grab some dinner around 6 and catch up on some phone calls and emails until around 8 or 9.   By then I like to relax for 2-3 hours and try and listen to music, read, write…taking things step by step.  I think this Denver sun might be making me tan, wow!

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